Embedded C, Embedded AI & RTOS Developer

Course details

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Embedded C Batch Starts on (FREE Demo): 08 JUL 2024

ALP Workshop Starts on (FREE Demo): TBA

Mode of Delivery: Blended Learning Mode

Blended Learning Mode

  • Blended Learning isĀ an education program that integrates a virtual and face-to-face learning environment for students.
  • 50% of the content is delivered in the form of recorded videos.
  • 50% of the content is delivered as live interactive sessions in online mode.

Class Timings: MON, WED & FRI: Recorded video will be shared, which will be valid for 24 hours.

Interactive LAB session Timings: TUE, THU & SAT: 7pm - 9pm


  • Basic C Programming
  • Digital Logic, Computer Organization
  • Assembly Programming


  • To get Indepth knowledge on Embedded C from the scratch.
  • To gain handson experience with STM32 ARM Cortex board, which enables one to work with any hardware in future.
  • Handson experience with protocols like I2C, SPI and UART.

Hardware requirement:

  • Kernel Masters has designed and developed Industrial Hardware boards in collaboration with Embedded Core Companies.
  • These Hardware boards will be used as part of the course for real-time project. Students need to purchase the board at the time of project.
  • Raayanmini Development kit for Embedded C project will be 5500/- + GST (149 USD).
  • The kit comes with below components:
    • STMicroelectronics based Raayan Mini Board (For Embedded C and RTOS)
    • ST Link V2 Debugger
    • ESP32 Wi-Fi Module
    • USB TO UART TTL 5V 3.3V CH340G module
  • Apart from Raayanmini Development kit, an extra CAN board is required, if CAN IoT Node project is chosen. It is optional.
  • Cost of CAN IoT Node kit is 1800/- (49 USD). It is optional.

Program Name Duration Start Date within India outside India
Part 1: Embedded C/Firmware/Baremetal Programming 3 weeks 08 JUL 2024 9500/-INR 249 USD
Part 2: Embedded AI & RTOS 3 weeks 29 JUL 2024 9500/-INR 249 USD
Part 3: Embedded C Projects [CAN IoT Node] 2 week 19 AUG 2024 3500/-INR 99 USD
Total 22500/-INR 597 USD
Raayanmini Development kit price 5500/-INR 169 USD
Discount if Enrolled for Parts 1,2&3 by 03 JUL 2024 -3000/-INR -99 USD
Total Cost before 03 JUL 2024 25000/-INR 667 USD
Program Name Date Timings within India outside India
Assembly Language Programming Workshop
(16 hours)
TBA 6.45am-8.45am 3500/-INR 99 USD
TBA 6.45am-8.45am
TBA 9am-6pm
TBA 9am-1pm

About Classes & LAB:

  • This batch will be conducted with completely recorded sessions. Only LAB sessions will be interactive and Live.
  • Recorded video will be shared on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Video link will be valid for 24 hours.
  • LAB session will be conducted on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It will be a live, interactive online session.


  • Individual modules also can be Enrolled.
  • Discounts or offers mentioned are for the entire Embedded C Program, not for individual parts.
  • Any kind of offers can be availed only on Single payments for entire course.
  • We offer various Embedded C projects on Raayanmini development kit. However if CAN IoT Node project is chosen, an extra CAN board must also be purchased.
  • CAN IoT Node project can be offered to a limited candidates due to the limited availability of pieces. Will be offered on First come first serve basis.
  • Recorded video will not be provided again once the link is expired after 24 hours. The video must be watched within the allowed time period.