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Program Name Duration Date Type Registration Detailed content
ALL India Entrance Test MAR 2021 45 mins 7-MAR-2021
10am - 10.45am.
FREE Register Now
Certified Industrial Embedded Systems Developer(KMCESD) New Batch 6 months 15-MAR-2021 Fees:55000/- Register Now
Workshop on "Embedded Linux System" 1 day 7-MAR-2021 FREE Register Now
Embedded Linux Device Driver Developer Essentials (Level 1)4 weeks 8-MAR-2021/td> 19000/- Register Now
Embedded Linux Device Driver Developer Realtime Projects (Level 2)8 weeks 5-APR-2021/td> 32000/- Register Now

Required Equipment for the training:
- Each participant must have a Laptop on which a Virtual Machine provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course should be installed.
- All the necessary material will be provided by Kernel Masters except PC.
- Participants must have their own laptop with:

• At least 4 GB of RAM and 40 GB of free disk space.
• Virtual Box installed (download from here).
• We will work with ubuntu Desktop 18.04 (64 bit). (We don’t support other distributions, because we can’t test all possible versions).
• Internet connection (direct or through the company proxy).
• For security reasons it is necessary that each participant takes the backup of data, before the course starts.